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The Miss Black Nude Pageant is described as the most eye-popping pageant on the planet, and for reasons as excellent as they are obvious. To be alive at a venue where twelve of the most breathtakingly beautiful and talented women imaginable are parading in birthday suits on main stage is the stuff that dreams and fantasies are made of.

The iconic Miss Black Nude Pageant is now in its twentieth year.  While the show has become one of the most requested treats on the HBO television network, it had its beginnings in the living room of Washington DC area nightclub owners, Ron and Deloris Dickson.  The couple was watching the Miss Universe pageant one night and came up with the idea of doing a pageant but using only chocolate ladies, and with a twist.

The pageant has at various times taken place in the Washington DC area as well as in Jamaica but recently this sizzling event has been domiciled at Hedonism 11, the garden of pure pleasure in Negril, Jamaica.

Since the inception of the pageant, its co-founder Deloris Dickson has always been adamant about attracting classy young ladies to the 5-day event who are astonishingly talented and seductively beautiful.  Dickson feels that the winner must represent the best of both categories, and a warm, charming personality never hurts the score card.

Over the years, the delegates have come from all walks of life. Some are from the corporate world, some are college students and a few are exotic dancers but they all compete for the crown in various categories including swimwear, evening gown and of course the all-important nude showcase. Many of the winners have used their cash prize to further their education and advance their career goals.

This year the pageant welcomes Jill De Chello, CEO of Miss Red Hot who has joined the search team to bring on board the hottest available delegates. To celebrate the 20th renewal of the Miss Blacks Nude Pageant, some of the previous winners will be making a guest appearance at this year’s event in Negril, Jamaica.

Part of the proceeds from the Miss Black Nude pageant goes towards cancer research in the Washington DC area.